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Accelerating Business Growth By Making It Easier For Buyers To Buy And Produce Intended Outcomes

Does this Sound Familiar?

Sales says "Marketing doesn't understand my customers, they never create what I need to close my deals." Marketing says "Sales people never use the approved materials so customers get inconsistent messages." Meanwhile, management is asking "why isnít our new product selling and why are our selling costs so high" and the customers are wondering "why is this company bothering me?"

The answer that often comes back is to focus on improving sales effectiveness. While we all strive to increase sales effectiveness, is that really the problem? More often than not, the problem really comes down to disconnections between sales, marketing, and product development. Functional objectives are not in complete alignment and It manifests itself as problems in the sales cycle.

In a typical product life cycle, the product is first designed by development, then marketing creates the messaging, and finally sales sells. Somewhere along the line, however, what and how the customer wants to buy can get lost and can raise barriers in getting to "yes."

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Design to Buy helps companies accelerate business growth by making their products and services†easier and more compelling for their customers to buy. Using our approach, companies are able to quickly align their organizations on a shared strategic direction and focus on making each step of the buying process easier ñ from product inception to after-sale support- from a buyer's point of view.

“As a result of the work done, the Group become the #1 ATE vendor, demonstrated superior account management and increased customer share.”

- VP of Field Team/ Agilent Technologies Automated Test Group

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