Advisory Board

Dave Asprey

Dave is a technology strategy and marketing executive with experience in strategic planning, product management and marketing, and business development, from startup to F500, for service providers, software , hardware, networking, CDN, and SaaS companies. He is an expert in creating and marketing products for IT because he started his career on the CIO path. He holds an MBA from Wharton and studied information systems and computer science.

He is currently the VP Marketing for Zeus Technology, where he is responsible for product management, product marketing, pricing, channel marketing, and marketing communications in the application delivery industry. Previously Dave owned strategic planning for the Citrix virtualization group (~ $700m) & product marketing for desktop virtualization. He was a founder of Exodus Communication’s 1200-person Professional Services group, and has created Board level strategy for more than one public company with greater than $1 billion in revenues. He was the primary press and analyst tech spokesperson for a $30B public company and has led technology due diligence on acquisitions from $60m to $8B.

Dave has sat on a variety of technology advisory boards in systems management, virtualization, hardware, and networking, including Collation (IBM), Afara Websystems (Sun), Netscaler (Citrix), Skywave, Breakthrough, Inkra Networks (Cisco/Savvis), ZeroVirtual, and Optimum Communications Services. He was also a member of IBM’s highest level customer advisory board and is an advisor to several VCs, including Panorama Capital (JP Morgan’s venture).

He is a published writer, with articles in a variety of technology magazines, and several chapters for PriceWaterhouseCooper’s Technology Forecast series. Dave spent five years running the Web and Internet Engineering certification program for the University of California at Santa Cruz.

Stuart Meyer

Stuart works with senior leaders and their teams to align their vision, goals, and behaviors to achieve personal or organizational success. He often works with senior management teams in the areas of strategy, accountability, and team alignment, helping teams create a vision, strategic plan, and accountability for achieving their goals. In coaching individuals, Stuartís focus is on helping business leaders accelerate the development of both their leadership and management skills. He also coaches leaders through career transitions, such as executive on-boarding, promotions, and executive outplacement.

Stuart's current business is Aligned Business Consulting. He co-founded the Workpath Group, a leadership coaching organization and was a Vice President of Organizational Consulting for Right Management Consultants. He held finance, marketing and corporate development positions with several high technology firms, including Genentech, Xiox Corporation and Apple Computer. He holds an MBA and a Bachelor's degree from the University of California, Berkeley.

David Steinore

David Steinore is an accomplished architect and builder of business processes, software and systems. He works with startups and larger organizations constructing effective software and business process systems that support the fast, efficient and visible operation of the company.

David works effectively and simultaneously with both business and technical teams to weave together their respective talents and perspectives into functioning whole systems that manage the data, forward and track the process actions and provide status, exception and reporting visibility at each step. He is able to quickly comprehend the relevant details and the 90/10 leveraging points of the business to provide optimized systems within the constraints of schedules and finances.

David is a 25 year expert in Business Process Modeling, Business and System Analysis, System and Data Architecture and Project Management. His industry knowledge includes Financial Services, E-Commerce, Insurance and Logistics. He received his degree in Computer Science from U.C. San Diego.

Deborah Henken

Deborah Henken has 20 years of management and marketing experience with companies ranging from educational institutions to consultancies to Fortune 500 companies to startups. Her industry expertise includes: computer hardware, CRM application software, call center, voice recognition and analytic areas, database and infrastructure software, and professional education and education administration. She has held Vice President and Director of Marketing positions at BEA Systems, Blue Pumpkin and Informix. She has produced outstanding results in those roles and in guiding her consulting customers to improve their marketing results.

Sharon Shoemaker

Sharon Shoemaker works with individuals, teams and corporations to increase their effectiveness and capacity for learning and change. Her expertise includes:

  • Organizational and team assessments,
  • Management and team development,
  • Strategies and tools for creating change in organizations and
  • Building alignment in the organization for Information Technology Initiatives.

Ms. Shoemaker has 20 years experience consulting to or leading organizations in translating company values and business objectives into effective and innovative human resource and organizational strategies and programs. Current and former clients include Analog Devices, Avantos Performance Systems, Genentech Corporation, Jossey Bass Publishing, Mortek Corporation, Oracle Corporation, Netscape Communications Corporation, Sun Microsystems, Raytheon Company, Gould Electronics Group and Aritech Corporation.

Ms. Shoemaker's, Fast Break Consulting reflects her vision for the work she does. In basketball, fast breaks require a clear strategy and excellent teamwork, two components essential to high performance in business. Like a good coach, her role as a consultant is to help companies accelerate their capacity to manage change in ways that increase both individual capabilities and organizational performance.

In her most recent internal position, Ms. Shoemaker was Director, US Employee Relations and Operations, for Sun Microsystems Computer Company. Ms. Shoemakerís work inside corporations has given her a thorough understanding of how organizations work and the levers that generate and sustain change.

She received her bachelorís degree in Psychology and Economics from Ball State University and an Interdisciplinary Masters Degree in Counseling, Psychology and Sociology from Northern Illinois University. She is an associate of the Systems Consulting Consortium (SCC).

“We just had our best quarter ever.  It was 33% higher than the previous quarter.  In my recent tour of the field, the feedback was unanimous that the work you did with them was a major contributor to these results.”

- Director of North American Sales/ Microtec Research; now Mentor Graphics

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