How We Work With Our Clients

If you'd like to explore how we can enable you to Align your Sales and Marketing efforts to Accelerate Revenue Generation, here is how we work with our clients.

  1. A complimentary phone consultation to clarify your objectives and current situation.
  2. A complimentary recommendations review to clarify how our methods and experience align with your needs.
  3. Breakthrough, Inc. states our understanding of the situation and proposes a solution tailored to fit your needs.
  4. We jointly refine the proposed approach.
  5. Based on your approval, the consulting engagement begins.

Call 650-508-0622 or email to discuss how this can accelerate your revenue growth.

"Ron is an expert in sales acceleration. He fully understands the complexity of the sales organization and how to isolate and optimize each stage of the process to meet business objectives more effectively."
- CEO/ The Vanella Group

Buyer Focused Selling (Buying 2.0) Overview

Revenue Acceleration Services 

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