Buying 2.0TM Principles

Enable the Buyer
Align your organization, ecosystem and processes to enable the buyer to get what they need.
Gather Input
Make it easy for the buyer to provide input and your people to respond to it.
Be Clear
Be clear about your target market, value, capabilities, pricing, agreements and implementation process.
Respond Quickly
Respond quickly to key metrics and feedback from the Buyer, the marketplace, staff and the ecosystem.

Produce Results
Design products, marketing and sales methods to enable the Buyer to achieve their goals easier and faster.

We use these characteristics to measure how well a company's products and services are Designed to Sell.

The Revenue-Acceleration Virtuous Cycle

Having products and services that are Designed to Sell ensures the voice of the Buyer is heard and the sales, marketing and design processes take advantage of the insight provided to deliver products/services the market wants in a timely fashion and…

Make it easier for Buyers to Buy,
Make it easier for Users to Succeed and produce their intended Results and
Generate Referrals, References and additional uses of the product/service…

Creating a virtuous Sales Acceleration cycle!

"The Breakthrough team has enabled the Alliance sales, marketing, business development and operations teams to be more effective in identifying and closing opportunities. This has made a significant contribution to our ability to achieve our revenue, growth and profit goals."
- Senior VP, Alliance Imaging West Zone

Buyer Focused Selling (Buying 2.0) Overview

Revenue Acceleration Services 

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