Consulting Principles

These are some of the fundamental principles that we use to ensure that our work together has a positive impact on the issues addressed and on key business results:

  • Focus on Outcomes

    We focus on real issues and produce desired outcomes vs. just focusing on our methods or creating an inspiring off-site meeting.
  • Involvement generates Passion

    Establishing a true emotional connection with and a sense of ownership for realizing the vision releases the collective passion and propels the organization forward.
  • Enable Collaboration

    Business results improve significantly as a result of enhanced collaboration across all parties involved in producing the result.
  • Deliver Tailored, Dynamic Consulting

    Tailoring engagements to the specific situation and providing dynamic consulting based on relevant, real-world experience are critical to success.
  • Think Systemically

    Greater results are produced by looking at the system as a whole, seeing the unnoticed, understanding the interdependencies and implementing plans that cause productive behavior that accelerates the organization toward its goals.
  • Execute Rapidly!

    We establish action plans, metrics to measure progress and adjust as needed and provide the support required to enable the strategic initiatives to succeed quickly.
"I worked with Breakthrough on several occasions as we partnered on training my sales teams. Their skills and dedication to meeting my company’s goals always surpassed the company’s requirements."
- Sales Development Manager/ Exodus Communications; now Cable and Wireless

Buyer Focused Selling (Buying 2.0) Overview

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