Examples of Our Work

Alliance Imaging

Introduced the High Impact Selling methodology, helped them fine-tune their target market and other projects which dramatically increased their sales effectiveness.

“Ron and the Breakthrough team have enabled the Alliance sales, marketing, business development and operations teams to be more effective in identifying and closing opportunities for new business, customer renewals and upgraded services. This has made a significant contribution to our ability to achieve our revenue, growth and profit goals.

They trained our entire field team of 250 people on new sales methods appropriate to our marketplace, fine-tuned our target market based on a survey they conducted and created very impactful sales tools.

In addition, Ron guided the adoption of salesforce.com by our field team; tailoring the tool to meet our needs and rallying the team around the power of using a common tool for managing our sales process. The experience and insight Ron and his team have in sales and marketing were a key catalyst; enabling us to achieve significantly improved results.”

- Senior Vice President, West Region

Zeus Technologies

Revised their global channel/partner strategy, developed characteristics of best partner candidates, identified initial partner candidate list, trained sales team re new approach, created sales tools for partner recruitment and selling to end users.

"Breakthrough did an outstanding job of working with our international organization, surveying our global channel strategy. Ron identified attractive partner characteristics and then found initial candidates for us to target. Ron trained my sales team on his findings and recommended approach. Throughout it all, Ron worked very closely with all levels of the organization and was a virtual member of our team."

- General Manager, North America

Philips Medical (formerly ADAC Laboratories)

Achieved significantly increased sales results, including dramatic increase in market share and successful introduction of new products and technology

"Bookings are up 43%
Margins are up 10%
Market Share is up 53%
Productivity per salesperson is up 50%
Our Win/Loss Ratio is up 131%"

- Vice President of Sales

Zonare Medical Systems

Worked with Sales and Marketing managment to fine-tune product positioning to target a market segment with a higher probability of success.

"The work you did for us provided very helpful insights into the best market segments for us to focus on and which not to. You helped us create an even more powerful and targeted value proposition. This has contributed substantially to the 50% growth in revenue we have experienced in the past 4 quarters since we worked with you on this. Thank you."

- Vice President of Sales and Marketing



Agilent Technologies

Worked with the senior management team to create a shared vision and establish strategic initiatives to realize that vision by making critical changes in the Group's operation. The organizational structure and methods of working with global customers were changed to better serve these key customers. We worked with cross-functional teams to clarify roles, responsibilities and rules of engagement to implement the new way of doing business.

"As a result of the work done, the Group demonstrated superior account management, which led to increased market and customer share, enhanced customer satisfaction and greater product competitiveness."

- Vice President & General Manager, Field/Customer Team



Our consulting clarified roles, responsibilities and rules of engagement between internal functions and key industry partners. Our work on balanced goals and metrics illuminated new metrics and processes that were needed to enhance the groupís already good results.

"Their consulting provided us a context to improve the way we manage our internal and external partnerships. This experience enabled us to produce important results more efficiently."

- Vice President, Strategic Market Development

Siemens Medical

They used our sales methodology as the basis of all selling efforts and to†coordinate the creation of marketing programs to support the sales effort.

"Their strategic selling principles became a core element of our national sales organization's approach to eslling medical products.†They were†able to effectively incorporate our uniques selling challenges into a comprehensive, high impact selling strategy that drove productivity to new levels. They were also very effective in helping us drive new marketing initiatives which penetrated new segments."

- President of a Siemens Medical Company

Helped them achieve significantly increased results from National Accounts sales efforts by aligning the teams involved.

"They were very effective in enabling us to work through a critical stage of acquisition integration. They helped us clarify how we integrate into national teams, from two very different cultures. Ron helped us find a new business model which supported our collective best practices and produced greater alignment. The resulting effect was analogous to: 1 + 1 = 3."

- Vice President of National Accounts




Exodus Communications

Established and helped drive the sales, marketing and management practices and approaches that drove their very successful sales engine.

"Sales this quarter were awesome! For example, bookings doubled from the previous quarter and we are around 400% from the same quarter last year. I feel that the skills and approach you gave us have contributed significantly to these results. The feedback from the sales team has been very positive."

- Senior Vice President of Sales

Acuson, now Siemens Medical

Enabled them to achieve significantly increased sales results, including successful introduction of new products and dramatic improvements in account penetration by installing new sales and marketing methods.

"With your help, our sales results have improved significantly. With the same products to sell and essentially the same sales force, we increased our unit sales by over 32% in first half of the year vs. last year. In the last quarter, we improved overall unit sales by greater than 60% vs. the same quarter last year!"

- Director of Sales

Frame Technology, now Adobe Systems

Dramatically improved the process by which they generated leads and managed the sales process, enabling them significantly increase sales.

"We finished last year at 132% of quota and most of my people exceeded their targets. Your selling skills workshop made a significant contribution to our ability to achieve these results."

- Sales Manager

Microtec Research, now Mentor Graphics

Established a new approach to sales and sales management, which was coordinated with marketing and enabled them to penetrate new accounts and significantly enhance their share of key accounts in the industry

"We just had our best quarter ever. It was 33% higher than the previous quarter. In my recent tour of the field, the feedback was unanimous that the work you did with them was a major contributor to these results."

- Director of North American Sales

Macromedia, now Adobe Systems

Laid the foundation of their process for developing and managing sales opportunities, which enabled them to significantly accelerate their sales growth.

"Last year the company exceeded plan and grew by more than 30% over the year before. Over half of our salespeople exceeded 110% of quota and approximately 75 % exceeded 100% of quota. The selling and presenting skills you taught us contributed to this success."

- Manager of Direct Sales and Education Sales

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“Ron is one of the most talented educators in the industry. He has helped my company several times over the last 10 years. He strategically reviewed our sales process and strategy and offered his recommendations. As a result, we won the business."
- VP, National and Government Accounts, Acuson; now Siemens Medical

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