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Plan 2 Win Software provides software and sales training that push sales people to think like business people. It helps them develop an insightful strategy and plan, leveraging key trends in your industry and their geography or vertical market and focus on the high leverage customers, target prospects and partners to work with. This will enable them to make better use of their time and resources and produce better results. Sales management is able to view progress and help them implement their plans successfully.

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Industry Gems provides Fortune 500, Global 500 and Fortune 1000 sales research to B2B sales and marketing teams. Our account research helps salespeople close new six and seven figure deals. We do so by helping salespeople understand their top accounts better. Whether it’s uncovering the best executives to call on, or understanding an account’s strategic initiatives, we can help. By knowing who to call (and what to say when they pick up the phone) you can engage top executives faster and shave months off your sales cycle.

Mansa Systems is a global enterprise application services provider with core competencies in cloud applications implementation, cloud application development, data management, business intelligence and mobile application development. Mansa Systems is headquartered in San Francisco, California with global offices in India, Colombia, Costa Rica & China.

Phone Works: We engineer innovative inside sales teams using Sales 2.0 practices. The point?  To boost your sales while cutting costs.  Our clients, past and present, include many of the world’s most successful sales organizations.  We can help you achieve similar results.   

The Vanella Group, Inc. provides High-Touch/High-Quality Telesales-based Lead Generation Services for Enterprise Technology companies nationwide. Now in their 10th year, they have delivered opportunity-based programs for companies such as HP, Borland, Hitachi, SAP, and many other enterprise technology providers. The Vanella Group, Inc. is a Salesforce Enterprise Consulting Partner, Marketo Partner, Inside View Partner, and Alinean partner and provides various services to optimize and manage CRM and marketing automation activity for clients as part of their Telesales 2.0™ solution. Their programs are uniquely designed to be performance-based, overachieving traditional outbound telesales programs 5x above industry standards (2009 DMA Report.)

The 280 Group provides Product Marketing and Product Management Consulting services and hand-picked Contractors to software and hardware companies in Silicon Valley and beyond. We help companies define, launch and market breakthrough new products and solutions. Customers range from Fortune 500 companies, such as Adobe and Palm to startups, such as Quiver, Propel and dozens of others.

Marketing Operations Partners helps CMOs change the M.O. of marketing in their organizations by leveraging process, technology and metrics to run the function like a fully accountable business. In essence, we empower you to operate as if you are the CEO of your own multi-million dollar enterprise.


“We hired Ron to facilitate the realignment of roles and accountabilities as we went through a significant change to our business model. Ron introduced effective tools and approaches enabling our management team to identify opportunities to put new arrangements in place for improvement.”
- Contract Manafacturing Allaince Manager/ Agilent Technologies

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