We provide the following Revenue Acceleration Services:

These services help you accelerate your sales results, including:

  • Accelerating revenue growth,
  • Improving conversion rates across the sales process,
  • Shortening sales cycle length,
  • Winning market share in highly competitive markets and 
  • Improving return on sales and marketing programs.

For example, we helped a medical capital equipment company institute a comprehensive sales methodology, which included sales territory and account planning and implementation. Within 1.5 years, in a highly competitive selling environment, they had the following results:

  • Sales per salesperson up by 50%
  • Margins went up by 10%
  • Market share improved by 53%
  • Win/Loss ratio grew by 131%

Why use outside help?

  • Bring in new perspectives and proven methods from outside your organization,
  • Utilize a neutral source to build consensus independent of internal politics and
  • Free yourself from being discussion facilitator and participant.

Unlike larger consulting organizations or sales methodology companies, our services:

  • Are designed to be implemented quickly to improve results rapidly
  • Are tailored to your selling environment to fully leverage the value of your offering
  • Provide on-going support to implement new methods successfully

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High Impact Selling Process

Breakthrough, Inc.’s High Impact Selling (Buyer Focused Selling) Methodology is designed to significantly improve sales productivity (sales/salesperson), including:

  • increasing average selling price
  • improving margin per sale
  • shortening the sales process and
  • winning sales that would have been lost

It is an aggregate of the best practices that have enabled companies to dramatically accelerate revenue growth by making their high-value, technology-based products/services more compelling to buy.

With this approach, companies are able to quickly align their sales and marketing efforts on a common target market and value proposition and focus on making each step of the buying process easier for the buyer via both online and human interaction, including:

  • Aligning the selling, marketing and buying processes to accelerate sales productivity,
  • Focusing on the high-payoff target markets and value proposition,
  • Providing sales tools that accelerate revenue generation,
  • Designing a process of online and human interaction that makes it easier for the buyer to go through their buying process,
  • Ensuring sales and marketing metrics drive behaviors that improve results and
  • Managing the transition to new approaches, methods and tools.

Territory and Account Planning

Today, selling is more challenging than ever before; technology enables buyers to get information without your involvement and competitors can easily approach your accounts and contacts. Your sales people must have a solid plan to add value and stay engaged with their customers. Further, a good plan will enable them to focus their time and resources to produce the best possible results.

The objective of our training and consulting services is to help your team:

  • Create insightful and achievable territory and account plans
  • Adopt/adapt proven planning tools into current practices
  • Train and coach your sales team on proven planning techniques
  • Better monitor your sales team's wins (and losses)
  • Enhance/improve your team's sales productivity

Please contact us at 650-508-0622 or email for a FREE 30 minute strategy session to discuss how our approach can help you significantly accelerate your sales results.


“With your help, our sales results have improved significantly. With the same products to sell and essentially the same sales force, we increased our unit sales by over 32% in first half of the year vs. last year.  In the last quarter, we improved overall unit sales by greater than 60% vs. the same quarter last year!”

- Director of Sales/ Acuson; now Siemens Medical

Buyer Focused Selling (Buying 2.0) Overview

Revenue Acceleration Services 

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