Coaching to Engage User Adoption

Engaging user adoption is the final challenge in achieving the intended results from any new method or tool. How many times have you seen lack of adoption stand in the way of the success of a great new idea?

We have helped organizations deal with this issue for many years and have put together an approach that really engages user adoption. Doing this is an insurance policy to ensure your produces the fullest possible results from your new tool/process.

We have two packages that enable you to ramp up quickly:

Territory and Account Planning Best Practice Session

This session presents practices used by the most successful individuals and organizations. You will benefits from the approaches, habits and routines they use in territory and strategic account planning and plan execution.

This program is the aggregate of years of experience working with and training thousands of salespeople and sales managers. We have identified the very best approaches to make this a high impact session. Participants leave with ideas they can use to improve their results immediately.

We offer half-day and full-day sessions.

Territory and Account Planning Coaching

Leveraging observations of years of experience working with and training thousands of salespeople and sales managers, we have put together a coaching program that focuses on territory and account planning best practices and critical success factors for user adoption.

The program includes 5 remote coaching sessions with sales managers and with sales people spread out over the course of a 3 month period. For example, having coaching calls on week one with the manager and then with the team on weeks 2, 4, 8 and 12. In addition, we address issues that are occurring in your environment and jointly develop ways to respond.

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“In today’s sales environment, planning is critical and the most important lesson that I teach our sales team and management team. Breakthrough provides an excellent roadmap and teaching that is of great value to any sales organization.”

- Sr. Vice President, Alliance Imaging

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