Territory and Account Planning

The objective of our training and consulting services is to help your team implement a successful approach to territory and strategic account planning to dramatically improve sales results.

This is a key element in Customer Relationship Planning; the first step in Customer Relationship Management. It ensures that your efforts are focused on high-payback efforts and thus make the best use of your limited resources. This includes:

An insightful plan

  • Leverage the trends
  • Develop your strategy
  • Determine high leverage:
    • Customers to grow
    • Target prospects that fit “best customer profile”
    • Target prospects in high potential segments
    • Partners to work with
  • Focus on critical activities and relationships
  • Get input from management

Energized implementation

  • Act proactively- follow the plan
  • Have the plan readily available (i.e. in your SalesForce.com system)
  • Review and fine-tune regularly

Will this help you sell more?

Creating and implementing a plan that focuses on high-potential accounts, opportunities and partners improves sales productivity and thereby helps you:

  • Fill your funnel with better opportunities
  • Shorten sales cycles
  • Win more often
  • Improve average selling price and
  • Make better use of your time and resources

Integration with Salesforce.com

Having the plan integrated into your SFA is a key enabler of success. For example, these methods can be used in conjunction with Plan2Win Software’s territory and account planning templates and applications that work in Salesforce.com to greatly enhance sales results. For more, go to http://www.Plan2WinSoftware.com/applications/overview.

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“In today’s sales environment, planning is critical and the most important lesson that I teach our sales team and management team. Breakthrough provides an excellent roadmap and teaching that is of great value to any sales organization.”

- Sr. Vice President, Alliance Imaging

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