Revenue Acceleration Services Overview

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 The Buyer Focused Selling (Buying 2.0) Process

Accelerate Sales Results by making it Easier to Buy!

  1. Align all efforts on a clear target market
  2. Design your sales strategy based on how your buyers buy
  3. Use buyer-focused sales practices and processes
  4. Optimize human and online interaction
  5. Utilize powerful selling tools


The Service

  • Interview a few:
    • Key internal people
    • Happy customers
    • Prospects who did not buy
  • Review:
    • Website
    • Collateral
    • Sales tools
    • Customer feedback
    • Recent campaigns
    • Metrics tracked
    • Competitive sites
  • Make recommendations re:
    • Improving Sales and Marketing effectiveness

    The Benefits

    • Create and implement a plan to address high-payoff issues
    • Tailor all interventions for the specific situation

    Measures of Impact

    • Improved return on sales and marketing programs

Market Penetration

The Service

  • Management session to align on:
    • Target market
    • Value Proposition
    • Sales-Ready Lead criteria
    • Accelerating the sales process via human and online interaction, sales tools,
    • Metrics to drive results
    • Action Plan

The Benefits

  • Capture market window of opportunity
  • More effective Sales and Marketing campaigns- that support organizational goals
  • Improved coordination and efficient use of resources

Measure of Impact

  • Better Return on Sales and Marketing programs
  • Higher Close Ratio
  • Shortened Sales Cycle
  • Market Share growth

Sales Effectiveness

The Service

  • Fine-tune Sales Milestones based on buying behavior
  • Sales (2.0) methods and best practices to accelerate sales productivity and results
  • Optimal use of human and online interaction
  • Build new methods and tools into the sales process
  • Sales team readiness, including Sales and management training, to respond to opportunities quickly and effectively

The Benefits

  • Accelerate the sales process
  • Improve sales and marketing efficiency and effectiveness

Measure of Impact

  • Shortened Sales Cycle
  • Improved conversion ratios, including close ratio
  • Lower Cost of Sales
  • Better Return on sales and marketing programs

Sales Tools

The Service

  • Recommend online/offline tools for each  milestone in the sales process
    • Web presence
    • Demand Generation
    • Sales collateral
    • Product demos
    • ROI tools
    • Social networks
  • Leverage current content to maximize return on investment

The Benefits

  • Sales tools speed the buying/sales process
  • Less time spent by sales creating sales tools
  • Customers are happier with their buying experience

Measure of Impact

  • Shortened Sales Cycle
  • Win incremental deals
  • Lower Cost of Sales

Performance Management

The Service

  • Manage successful adoption of new sales and marketing strategies, methods and tools
  • Ensure your people have the necessary support (resources and training)
  • Track behavior, sales and web results vs. key metrics and fine-tune approach to drive success

The Benefits

  • Accelerate the adoption of key strategies, methods and tools
  • Improve sales and marketing efficiency and effectiveness
  • Ensure metrics support achieving intended results

Measure of Impact

  • Ensure new tools and approaches are adopted
  • Improved execution of market penetration plans
  • Progress on critical metrics

Plan Implementation

We support you and your team in successfully implementing your Revenue Acceleration Plan- using the new methods, tools and metrics to produce your intended results.

If you attend to the key “Eight Steps for Engaging User Adoption”, your success rate will go up dramatically. This will enable you to get the full benefit from the sales process, methods and tools you have put in place to accelerate your sales results.

Please contact us at 650-508-0622 or email for a FREE 30 minute strategy session to discuss how our approach can help you significantly accelerate your sales results.

“Bookings are up 43%

Productivity per salesperson is up 50%

Our Win/Loss Ratio is up 131%”

- Vice President of Sales, ADAC Laboratories; now Philips Nuclear Medicine

Buyer Focused Selling (Buying 2.0) Overview

Revenue Acceleration Services 

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