Sales Skills

High Impact Selling is an aggregate of the best practices of the top sales people and teams across many industries. It also incorporates the importance of sales and marketing alignment to make the best use of your sales people and resources.

With this approach, companies are able to quickly improve their sales productivity by:

  • Coordinating the selling and buying processes to accelerate sales
  • Focusing on the high-payoff target markets and value proposition
  • Providing sales tools that accelerate revenue generation
  • Aligning sales and marketing efforts
  • Designing a process of online and human interaction to accelerate the buying process
  • Improving sales coaching
  • Engaging user adoption of new methods and tools

Experience shows that the best way to achieve sustainable improvement in sales results is to implement a program that includes methodology improvement interventions over time.

High Impact Selling Methodology

The High Impact Selling methodology improves sales results by enhancing your sales team’s ability to:

  • Build the customer’s desire for your products/solutions
  • Influence the criteria upon which the purchase decision will be made
  • Understand the buying motivations of the different buyers
  • Uncover the driving forces behind the decision
  • Sell products that have greater value than that of the competition without relying on discounting to win

High Impact Sales Coaching

This program focuses on developing both leadership and coaching skills to build and maintain the highest level of sales effectiveness possible. The sales manager role is a key leverage point for the organization- making the manager a multiplier of the effectiveness of all members of the manager’s team.

Each manager leaves a better appreciation of how to use the management role and strategy and skills coaching methods to increase sales results.

High Impact Negotiation

High Impact Negotiation builds on the best practices of the most successful sellers. Good selling skills must be in place before focusing on negotiation. Without this, many sales people focus on using newly learned negotiating skills to negotiate on price (discount) more. We emphasize the importance of laying a solid foundation based on perceived value of your products and services before entering any negotiation.

This Workshop enables participants to:

  • Prepare more effectively for any negotiation
  • Win more business at higher margins
  • Set up their solution to be favored vs. the competition
  • Move the process forward

Enabling User Adoption

User adoption is one of the biggest barriers to success of the use of a new process or methodology. It is tempting to think that you can just mandate it and it will happen. This is rarely the case.

If you attend to the key “Eight Steps for Engaging User Adoption”, your success rate will go up dramatically. This will enable you to get the full benefit from the sales process, methods and tools you have put in place to accelerate your sales results.

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“We hired Breakthrough to support our global sales meeting and develop a training program for our sales team to effectively win on value and drive higher ASPs. Ron put together a comprehensive training program which was well received and feedback has been positive. Many commented the training brought them back home and reminded them about the importance of qualifying and asking the right questions in different stages of the selling process.”

-  Marketing Manager, ZONARE

Buyer Focused Selling (Buying 2.0) Overview

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